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About SafetyCar
Year: 2005-2006
MCU: Cypress AN2131QC (8bit x51+USB)
Clock: 24MHz
Memory: 7kB on chip RAM (program + data + stack)
64kB external I2C EEPROM (program + data)
Battery: 8x 1.2V NiCd AA cels
Sensors: 8x infra-red CNY70 optosensor (line detection)
1x bumper (obstracle detection)
2x incremental position sensor Agilent HEDS-9700 192 cpr
Actuators: 1x DC motor with gear 9.45:1
1x micro servo with ball bearings (steering)
Speed controller: Hobby controller XRAY micro XMC-180
Programming language: SDCC + Assembler
Body: Graupner Mini-Racer 1:24